Fire and Grace: Mystical Poetry Melds with Mesmerizing Music

The "Fire and Grace" event spotlighted Ellen Grace O'Brian's "The Moon Reminded Me," where her mystical poetry found a perfect harmony with live musical brilliance.

Step into the enchanting world of 'Fire and Grace' – where Ellen Grace O'Brian's poetic verses from 'The Moon Reminded Me' come alive to the symphony of live music, creating an unforgettable concert experience.

The "Fire and Grace" evening, celebrating the official launch of Ellen Grace O'Brian’s award-winning mystical poetry book The Moon Reminded Me, was a sensory symphony. Attendees gathered under a beautifully crafted silver moon adjacent to a living tree symbolizing growth and vitality within the temple. The rhythmic patter of rain intermingled with the audience's anticipatory whispers, setting the stage for a night of deep resonance.


Mesmerizing Synergy of Mystical Poetry and Music

As the verses from The Moon Reminded Me unfurled, they harmoniously blended with the strings of Virtuoso Violinist Edwin Huizinga and the melodic strumming of William Coulter, a master of the steel-string guitar. This synergy, akin to a call and response, transformed the night into a mystical journey of heightened emotions and profound introspection.

Mystical Poems: A Dance of Ancient Wisdom and Daily Life

Ellen Grace O'Brian's mystical poems traverse a vast landscape – from echoes of ancient wisdom infused with Sanskrit nuances to relatable reflections on modern life's challenges and joys. Her lyrical prowess captures the heart’s duality: an innate yearning for the divine juxtaposed with our human experiences of love, loss, and growth. The intricacy of her imagery, like "wildflowers blooming on sand" or a nightingale's song piercing the silence, awakens the listener to myriad pathways leading to the divine heart. Complementing her verses, Huizinga and Coulter's music soared through diverse melodies, from Bach's solemn preludes to lively Irish reels, adding layers of emotional depth.

A Mutual Ovation: Artists and Audience Connect

The event culminated in a rapturous standing ovation, a testament to the night's magic. It wasn't just the allure of the mystical poetry from "The Moon Reminded Me" or the enchanting melodies but a shared realization: the omnipresent divine manifests in myriad forms, and together, we bask in its glow.

"An unforgettable evening of serenity and soulful connection. The music and poetry became one, leaving me in a state of pure tranquility" said one of the attendees.

For those who wish to relive this magical evening or for those who missed it, a recorded rendition is available for your viewing pleasure.

When the mystical poetry of Ellen Grace O'Brian joins the Celtic Guitar of William Coulter and the Virtuoso Violin of Edwin Huizinga, the mind sinks into the heart and the journey of divine remembrance begins.



The Moon Reminded Me: Mystical Poetry and the Awakened Heart

Poetry says what the mind can only glimpse but the heart knows full well. It is the ancient language of the soul spoken by all mystic bards of Bhakti, the yoga of devotion calling us to awaken to divine Love. Through the ages, poetry persists as the soul insists on revealing itself again and again.

In her luminous poems, Ellen Grace O’Brian manages to braid contemporary moments of everyday life with ancient spiritual teachings—the sight of a hummingbird’s red throat, bread on the table, a couple’s quarrel, a mother’s advice—become doorways into the divine mystical heart.

The Moon Reminded Me, subtly laced with Sanskrit, gives us an insight into a poet who bridges two worlds eloquently enough to take us along with her. Sandhya, the numinous time for stepping into the temple, suddenly becomes this moment, now.

Discover what New York Times Bestselling Author Khaled Hosseini described as “Love unbridled and all-pervading, Love bursting with grace and beautiful madness, residing in us all, waiting only to unfurl. What a gift this collection is.”

The Moon Reminded Me mystical poetry by Ellen Grace O'Brianbook front cover

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Fire and Grace: Mystical Poetry Melds with Mesmerizing Music

The "Fire and Grace" event spotlighted Ellen Grace O'Brian's "The Moon Reminded Me," where her mystical poetry found a perfect harmony with live musical brilliance.

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