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A Kriya Yoga Teacher, Author, Poet

Ellen Grace O'Brian (Yogacharya O'Brian) is an acclaimed Kriya Yoga teacher, award-winning author, and minister who has served seekers of spiritual enlightenment from all walks of life for over forty years. She has published several books and programs about meditation, mindfulness and spiritual living, offering a refreshing and authentic voice that makes timeless wisdom accessible to the modern mind.

A teacher in the tradition of Kriya Yoga, Yogacharya O’Brian serves people from all faith backgrounds who are seeking what is known as Self- or God-realization, or awakening. She is the spiritual director of the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment (CSE), a meditation center in San Jose, CA.

Through her teaching and publications, Yogacharya O’Brian helps people learn to live from the inside out with practices and insights for developing life-transforming skills to cultivate a spiritually awakened, fulfilled life.

A Journey of Self-realization: from Seeking to Knowing

All the way back to her earliest childhood memories, Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian has been driven by a deep sense of spiritual yearning. Questions about the meaning of life, the nature of self, and God were constant companions on her journey to discover deeper truth and fulfillment. Blessed by exposure to a rich variety of religions, cultures, and spiritual teachings, Yogacharya O'Brian came to know early on that an experience of the sacred is not exclusive to any one doctrine or belief system.

While having sensed the nearness of Divine Presence, it took her many years to learn how to readily access it, and to understand how her own ideas about the Divine were themselves a barrier to authentic realization, or awakening. Eventually she was introduced to the path of Kriya Yoga, a systematic approach to spiritual realization that provided the access she was looking for.

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Spiritual Enlightenment for Today with Kriya Yoga

In today’s fast-paced world, stress and anxiety come in many forms, often stemming from a deep longing for greater meaning, purpose, and wholeness. Science, despite its amazing benefits to society, offers little help when it comes to navigating our inner world. Rationalism alone doesn't help us deal with the changes and challenges inherent in life – grief and loss, aging, starting a family, addiction, making a difference, or finding a spiritual touchstone in the midst of it all.

Whether you are a newcomer to meditation or an experienced practitioner, Yogacharya O’Brian makes the ancient spiritual teachings of Kriya Yoga accessible and inspiring to the modern mind. Her supportive and time-tested approach can help you apply timeless yogic principles and practices for a richer, more awakened life.

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