Advent Reflections: Awakening to Divinity Within in This Lifetime

Discover the journey of awakening to inner divinity during the reflective season of Advent.

As the Advent season unfolds, it invites us into a profound contemplation of our innate divine essence and the potential for awakening it holds.

In the profound stillness of the advent season, we embark on a contemplative journey, exploring the depths of spiritual awakening within our lifetime. This sacred period invites us to delve into the essence of our spiritual being, as narrated in the timeless verses of the New Testament.



Awakening in This Lifetime: Realizing Divinity Within

In this concluding message of the Advent series, the focus is on "awakening in this lifetime," a profound journey of spiritual realization. The narrative begins with a pivotal verse from Luke 2:15 in the New Testament, where the shepherds, upon witnessing the departure of angels into heaven, resolve to journey to Bethlehem. This biblical moment symbolizes the awakening call many encounter on their spiritual path.

The divine guidance plays a crucial role, guiding one to meet spiritual mentors and embrace a life dedicated to Self- and God-realization. This commitment to spiritual awakening, especially in the path of Kriya Yoga, marks a transformative phase in life.

"When the fluctuations in one's mind and awareness are transcended during meditation and consciousness is purified, the supreme Self is realized."

—Lahiri Mahasaya

The Shepherd's Call: A Prompt to Spiritual Awakening

The shepherds' decision to go to Bethlehem highlights a spontaneous, intuitive response to a divine revelation. Similarly, the journey of a spiritual disciple often begins with a moment of clarity and commitment, as seen in personal narratives of meeting a revered teacher or guru. This initiation is a pledge to pursue a spiritual life with unwavering dedication.

Divine Grace: A Catalyst for Transformation

Embracing this new path signifies an awakening from a limited perception of life to an expanded consciousness. The transformation from the unreal to the real, from ignorance to enlightenment, mirrors the biblical and spiritual narratives that illuminate the journey from darkness to light.

Disciple's Path: Committing to Spiritual Destiny

Committing to a spiritual destiny often requires bold steps or leaps of faith. This journey of awakening isn't just a philosophical pursuit but a practical shift towards living with divine consciousness at the center of one’s life.

Enlightenment: Unveiling Spiritual Truths

Enlightenment, in the context of Kriya Yoga, is realizing the truth of our being. This spiritual awakening is described as the ultimate goal of life. It's an understanding that the essence of what we seek, the kingdom of God, is already within us, awaiting realization.

Divine Encounters: The Unlikely Places of Grace

Divine grace often enters our lives in the most unexpected places, similar to the biblical story where the birth of Christ happens in a humble stable. It's a powerful reminder that spiritual awakening can occur anywhere and through any situation, no matter how unlikely it seems.

The Nativity's Inner Harmony: A Meditation Metaphor

The Nativity scene is a metaphor for the state of meditation where all aspects of the self align harmoniously around the divine center. It's an illustration of spiritual awakening, where every element of our being is drawn towards and adores the divine presence within.

Illuminating the Darkness: The Promise of Inner Light

The scriptural phrase from John 1:15 "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it," speaks to the triumph of spiritual light over the shadows of ego and fear. This light of spiritual awakening doesn't eliminate life's challenges but provides clarity and peace to navigate them.

A Meditator’s Guide to Advent, pt.4: Awakening in this Lifetime

The peace that we pray for in our world, the love we hope for, the healing we yearn for, and the joy we welcome are natural expressions of spiritual awakening.


Living the Spiritual Teachings: Beyond Worldliness

Awakening in this lifetime transcends worldly entanglements. While challenges and regrets may still exist, their hold over us diminishes as our consciousness expands. The true essence of awakening is aligning our lives with the inner Christ light, shifting our focus from worldly concerns to spiritual fulfillment.

As the year draws to a close, many are drawn into contemplation, reflecting on life, God, and self. This introspection often reveals the various 'roommates' of our mind – the unresolved issues, regrets, and imperfections. Spiritual awakening doesn't remove these aspects of life but changes our relationship with them. The bad roommates of the mind, those lingering doubts, and regrets, no longer dominate. Instead, they are seen in the light of expanded consciousness.

In Kriya Yoga, this spiritual awakening is not just an isolated event but a continuous journey of expanding consciousness, where every aspect of self – from the basest instincts to the highest spiritual aspirations – aligns with the divine. The imagery of the Nativity scene, where all elements focus on the Christ child at the center, embodies this state of awakening. Here, the lower drives and instincts coexist with higher inspirations and wisdom, all serving the divine self within.

The scripture from John 1:5, "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it," is especially poignant. It suggests that despite the presence of fear, doubt, pride, lust, anger, and other human conditions, they no longer rule our lives in the face of spiritual awakening. The darkness of ego and the false self cannot overcome the light of Christ consciousness, the true self.

Awakening brings a paradoxical sense of completion without the need for closure. It allows us to live in peace and bliss amidst life's complexities because our happiness and contentment are no longer tied to external outcomes. This realization transforms our orientation towards life; we see clearly that life is an expression of divine love, wisdom, and grace.

In this awakened state, the pursuit of love and blessing shifts. We no longer search outside ourselves but recognize that we live within and are an embodiment of divine love. This realization leads to an active expression of love in the world, as we learn to surrender to and embody the divine presence within us. "Behold the handmaid of the Lord," becomes a declaration of our willingness to serve as vessels of divine love.

Awakening in this lifetime is about embracing the journey of spiritual growth, recognizing the light within, and living in harmony with the divine essence that permeates all of life. It is a transformative journey, leading to a life lived in the fullness of divine love and grace.


Meditate more deeply today with the intention to experience superconsciousness. Once you have closed your eyes and interiorized your attention, focus at the spiritual eye slightly above and between the eyebrows. Feel as if you are breathing through this chakra center. With inhalation, inwardly listen to the word Om, with exhalation, inwardly listen to the word God. Om, God.

When the mental field becomes quiet, let the mantra fall away but keep your inner gaze focused at the spiritual eye. Feel as if you are looking into the distance of inner space. If you perceive a field of blue light or a steady white or gold light, gently focus your attention there. Remain inwardly attentive and relaxed. Be curious about this inner journey. Wait and watch in the silence, looking and listening within. Meditate for as long as you can stay alert.

Conclude this meditation by offering prayers for the entire world. Bless every person, everywhere, with your wishes for their complete well-being and spiritual realization.


The more conscious you are of the omnipresent Reality in which you abide, the easier it will be for you to know that all you need for your complete well-being is available to you. You will not have to ask for anything or use a lot of effort to accomplish your inspired purposes. You will live with graceful ease in harmonious accord with the rhythms of life.

—Roy Eugene Davis


Am I willing to envision going “another way” to embrace a new life?


Path of Wonder: A Meditator's Guide to Advent

Intentional, spiritual contemplation during Advent offers a remedy for the holidays’ overly materialistic focus that can leave us feeling empty in more ways than one. Instead, it gives us a soul-nourishing way to open our hearts and minds to the healing light within.

This daily guide for contemplation will support mindful awareness each day of Advent. The inspirational readings, scriptures, practices, and questions for reflection serve as an asana—a steady seat for that day.

May this season welcome the light that dispels the darkness of ignorance, the light that brings peace to all the world.

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